The school year is divided into two semesters approximately 16 weeks each. A minimum of three (3) years will be required to complete the degree of Master of Divinity and four (4) years in the bachelor’s degree except for BTH and BCM which are scheduled for not more than three years. The school year for both levels begins in 2nd week of June and ends in the 3rd week of March. Thus, most students are advised to stay in the campus to indulge in the efficient and effective study habit.

Class Attendance

Students shall be present at every meeting of the class. If a student knows in advance he/she will be absent, prior arrangements must be made with the instructor. Penalties for absence from class and for tardiness may be applied by way of grade reduction or refusal of credit depending on the circumstances and upon the judgment of the teacher involved. Excused absences are included in the total number of allowable absences (25% of the total number of hours). 48 hours class sessions sum up a 3-unit course per semester. That means, 12 hours is 25% percent allowable absences. More than that, results to a failing grade (F). However, when an absence is excused by the instructor, any work due may be turned in at the next class session without loss of credit. For a five-day module course, a failing grade is given to students who are absent for one and a half (1 ½) days.

Academic Honesty and Integrity

Every student is expected to be honest in doing his/her paper work. Taking credit for somebody’s written work or ideas is a serious violation of Christian standard. Submitting a paper already graded by other instructor in the previous semester(s) is considered dishonesty. Writing for someone else is also considered dishonesty. Any student found cheating on a test or commits any of the offenses stated above for the first time will be warned. If caught for the second time, the student will be immediately terminated from the course with an “F” grade. If student commits any of the offenses stated above for the third time, the seminary has the right to expel the student concerned. The instructor will notify the Dean of Students, Academic Dean, Registrar and the student in writing to this effect.

Academic Probation

A student is placed on academic probation if he/she fails in 25% or more of the units he/she is taking in any semester. His/her registration in the following semester shall be reduced by at least one subject that is to be selected by the Academic Dean. In the determination of the 25% of the units referred to, the dropped courses shall be excluded and the grade of INC or 4.0 shall be considered a failure. Academic probation is automatically lifted if the student’s GPA in the ensuing semester is higher than 25% of the units he/she is taking. A student who has INC in all his/her subjects for a semester will not be admitted in the following semester. Students on academic probation shall be allowed to enroll not more than 12 units in the current semester. Any students who fail in two or more subjects will be grounded for suspension in the Seminary.

Credit System

In the course description an hour means one hour weekly during the semester (16 weeks). If courses are given in a short term program the hours are counted as actual hours taught divided by 16. A course taught for two hours daily for 10 class days amount to one (1) hour as to credit. Since the student has little time for library and other study work the added four [4] hours are considered as adjustment for homework time lost.

Grading Scale

An average grade of 75 out of a possible 100 is required to pass any course. Notation of grades is as follows:

A 1.0 97-100 Excellent
A- 1.25 94-96
B+ 1.5 91-93 Very Good
B 1.75 88-90
B- 2 85-87 Good
C+ 2.25 80-84 Satisfactory
C 2.5 78-79
C- 2.75 75-77
F (below 75) Failure
INC Incomplete Grade

Academic Honors

Academic honors are based on the following criteria:

SUMMA CUM LAUDE                     100 – 98.0

MAGNA CUM LAUDE                     97.9 – 95.5

CUM LAUDE                             95.4 – 93.0


  1. No grade lower than 80 on the permanent records.
  2. In residence for 2 years for M.A.; 3 years for M. Div., B. Th., and B.C.M; 4 years for B.A., B.S.C.E., and B.E.Ed.
  3. Excellent spiritual maturity as judged by the faculty.

Transcript of Records

Transcript of records are confidential documents and are issued only upon the request of the student. Only a written request will be accepted. No transcript will be issued for persons who do not have financial clearance from the Business Office.

Change of Grade

If the student feels that he has been assigned an incorrect grade for a course, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. An appointment should be scheduled with the instructor as soon as possible after the receipt of the official grade from the Registrar (Notice of Academic Record).
  2. Consultation with the instructor regarding his/her grade must be held before the midpoint of the next semester.
  3. If the consultation with the instructor results to a change of the previously assigned grade, the student should secure the instructor’s signature on the form available at the Registrar’s office. The instructor must submit full supporting documents.

Incomplete Class Work

The entry of incomplete (INC) grade may be assigned by the instructor when it is felt that the granting of an extension of time to complete course work or to take the final examination is warranted by the student’s

circumstances. An incomplete grade that is not removed by the midpoint of the following semester will automatically become a grade of Fail (F). Students with extenuating circumstances may apply for additional time to remove a grade of incomplete. Be sure to fill up the required forms.


Courses dropped after the midpoint of the semester will automatically receive the grade of Fail (F). Courses dropped volitionally are noted as follows:

Time Period                                              Record Entry

1st – 3rd week of the semester                       No entry

4th – 8th week of the semester                   Dropped/Withdrawn

After the 8th week                                          F