Letter of Recommendation

A new Letter of Recommendation should be submitted each semester to be able to enroll. PCP members must submit a recommendation from his/her Pastor/Presbytery under GAPCP. Non-PCP students must secure their current Pastor’s recommendation.

Minimum Residency Rule

Courses which have been taken previously from ATA accredited theological seminary or CHED recognized schools may be transferred to PTSCAS. Courses which complied the specific requirements of the student’s study program may be applied toward a target degree. However, the transferee is expected to complete at least 30 units or two (2) semesters of studies at PTSCAS for those aiming for an M.Div., M.A., and B. Th. Degrees, and 60 units or four (4) semesters of studies at PTSCAS for those aiming for B.A., B.S.C.E., and B.E.Ed degree in order to graduate.

Maximum Residency Rule

A student will be given a maximum of six (6) years to complete a 3-year course and eight (8) years to complete a 4-year course, and ten (10) years for a part-time student.

Change of Degree Program

A student who wishes to shift from one degree to another must make changes through the Registrar’s office. As such, the student will be required to meet the course requirements for the new degree at the time of transfer.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

A student who decides to leave the seminary within the semester in which he/she is currently enrolled must file a Leave-of Absence (LOA) request at the Office of the Registrar and secure the necessary clearance before leaving the seminary. If a student will not be able to enroll the following semester he/she must likewise file a request for LOA. Students who go on leave of absence automatically forfeit any scholarship privileges upon return to the Seminary. Failure to file a LOA request is a ground for a student to be placed in a probationary status or denial of readmission to the Seminary. Time spent in LOA will be counted as part of the maximum residency period. A student is only allowed a maximum of two (2) years of cumulative LOA throughout his/her stay in the Seminary.

Withdrawal from the Seminary

A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from the seminary is required to comply with the withdrawal process at the office of the registrar. This procedure enables the student to clear up his/her academic records. Any student who does not go through the proper withdrawal process may not be readmitted in the Seminary or have his/her Transcript of Records withheld.


An individual who went on Leave of Absence (LOA) or has been out of school for one semester or longer must apply and obtain an approval for readmission from the Admission Committee. The students who seek for readmission should present a new recommendation from his/her Pastor.

End-Term Clearance Requirement

Students must secure a clearance slip from the registrar’s office every end of the semester and have it signed by concerned officers before leaving the campus premises. Any student who fails to comply with the clearance requirement may be denied admission to the Seminary upon his/her return. Late clearance will be fined P300.00. Clearance form replacement is P50.00.


Students select courses based on the advice of the Academic Dean/ Program Directors. Students currently enrolled are given the opportunity to pre-register for courses in the subsequent semester and intervening short term. Courses are finally confirmed only by the payment of fees (at least 40% of the tuition fee and full payment of miscellaneous fees) during the designated registration period.

Changes in Registration

Courses may not be added to an individual’s schedule after the first week of classes. Exceptions to this are made only in events of serious extenuating circumstances as approved by the Academic Dean.