1. The Nature and Purpose of the D. Min. in the Reformed Tradition Program

The Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) in the Reformed Tradition is a graduate level program designed:

  • To provide for the needs of excellent Christian Leadership today
  • To answer the requests of the Christian community for an effective Training in the reformed and evangelical context
  • To continue with the program of providing graduate courses

2. D. Min. Program Design and Structure

The D. Min. courses in the Reformed Tradition are structured in three sections, so that students can complete their work in about three years without leaving their ministries. The program consists of 24 units hours of seminar/reading, and 12 units hours of Research Project (including oral defense).

Year First Semester Second Semester
First Year 2 Subjects (6 units) 2 Subjects (6 units)
Second Year 2 Subjects (6 units) 2 Subjects (6 units)
Third Year *Research Method & Proposal Lab (3units)

*Dissertation (including oral defense 9units)

*Dissertation (including oral defense 9units)

*Oral Defense


3. Admission Requirements

  • Applicants for admission must hold an M. Div. or its equivalent with a grade point average of B (3.0 on a 5.0 scale) from an accredited institution.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of three years active ministry with at least one year after the M. Div.
  • Foreign students must be proficient in written and spoken English. Proof of English proficiency is required (certification from previous school or TOEFL result.)

4.  Application Procedures

Applicants must submit:

  • Application form with a recent 2×2 colored picture
  • A Non-refundable application fee (P2000.00)
  • Official transcript of records of college and graduate degrees
  • Medical Form
  • Financial Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation from an administrator or supervisor, former teacher, and current pastor
  • Statement of personal commitment to Christ and call to Christian service
  • TOEFL Score or Certificate of English Proficiency
  • Download a copy of Application Packet at: www.ptscollege.edu.ph

* Students who hold an M.Div. from PTSCAS need only complete the application form and pay the application fee.

5. Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (B)
  • Successful completion of Research Project including Oral Defense
  • Student life clearance
  • Financial clearance
  • Faculty approval

6.  Faculty and Program Director

1)  Program Director

• Dr. Kim, Dong-Choul (Johan)

B.A. Changwon University;
M.Div., Theological Graduate School of Chong Shin University;
Th.M. & Ph.D., Stellenbosch University. 
Practical Theology (Homiletics)

2) Core Faculty

• Dr. Gatawa, Laurence (President)

B.Th., Philippine Missionary Institute
M. Div. Presbyterian Theological Seminary;
M.A., Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary;
Ph.D., Oxford Center for Mission Studies / Middlesex University;
Biblical Studies.

• Asso. Professor Barredo, Roberto (Academic Dean)

B.Th., PTS College & Advanced Studies
M.Div., Asia Theological Seminary
Th. M., Asia Graduate School of Theology
Ph.D., (Candidate) University of the Philippines
Systematic Theology

• Dr. Yeo, Sang-Il

B.A., Chongshin University
M.Div., Theological Graduate School of Chongshin University
D.Min., Union Theological Seminary
Church Polity and Pastoral Theology.

• Dr. Kim, Sung-Jin (Director of MSC)

B.L., Kyunghee University
Th.M., Kangnam University
Ph.D., Golden Gate Theological Seminary
Church Leadership and Consulting

• Dr. Hwang, Tae-Yun

B.A., Chongshin University
M.Div., Asian Theological Seminary
M.A. & Ph.D., in Area Studies, University of the Philippines.
Research Methodology.

• Dr. Oh, Tae-Gyun (Ted) (Professor in Chongshin University)

B.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
M.Div., Theological Graduate School of Chongshin University
MRE., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, U.S.A.
Ph.D. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, U.S.A.
Pastoral Care & Religious Education.

• Dr. Hwang, Sung-Gon

B.S. Kyungsang University
M.S., National Seoul University
M.Div. & M.Th., Korea Theological Seminary
D.ICS., Grace Theological Seminary.
Inter-cultural Studies (Missiology).

7. Courses – Contents of Study

1) Core Courses (12 units)

  • Contemporary Issues and the Reformed Theology (3units)
  • Biblical Authority & Interpretation in the Reformed Tradition (3units)
  • Worship & Preaching in the Reformed Tradition (3units)
  • Church Planting and Mapping (3units)

2) Electives (12 units) (3 units each, select four courses)

  • Reformed Spiritual Formation (3units)
  • Christian Education and Discipleship (3units)
  • Mission & Evangelism (3units)
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling (3units)
  • Church System and Leadership (3units)
  • Church and Minister Consulting (3units)
  • Ministry Coaching (3units)

3) Research Project (12 units)

  • Research Method and Proposal Lab (3units)
  • Dissertation (including oral defense 9units)

8. Course Structure

1) Seminar Type Course

These are D. Min. course in the Reformed Tradition that are offered in Seminars and are open to the Christian community. Each Seminar would earn a credit of 1 unit. Interested individuals can enroll further and attend Module classes to complete the 3 units requirement for each course. The Module will be a 4 hour per day sessions in five days which would be equivalent to a 2 units course.

2) Regular Type Course

These are D. Min. courses in the Reformed Tradition taken through the scheduled Module classes. The Module class would be an 8 hours per day sessions in five (5) days.

9. Tuition and other school fees

In D. Min, there are two tracts, first one is Local track and the other is International track (including Korean students). For graduation, all Doctor of Ministry students should register for six semesters.

1) Local Track

  • Tuition fee (per unit)       P3000.00
  • Application Fee                 P2000.00
  • Registration Fee               P1000.00
  • Library Fee                        P1000.00
  • Development fee              P1000.00
  • Other School fee               P1000.00
  • Thesis Writing fee            P5000.00
  • Graduating students fee P5000.00

*Fees apply only to students from countries with GNP below US $ 10,000.

2) International Track

  • Tuition fee (per semester)                            $2000.00
  • Application & Entrance Exam fee               $100.00
  • Registration Fee (per semester)                  $250.00
  • International fee (per semester)                 $250.00
  • Thesis Writing fee                                          $500.00
  • Graduating students fee                                $500.00

10. Time Limit

All requirements for graduation must be completed within Six years from enrollment.

11. Research Project Procedures

Development of the research project requires the student to work closely with the Supervisor. The topic should be related with the Reformed view and theology. In the Evaluation Process, following submission, the research project will be reviewed by a committee of up to five-members: Supervisor / Two readers (one internal reader and one external if possible)

Thesis shall be 90-120 pages in length, compliant to pre-approved research format, and an original work with a unique scholarly contribution that tackles implications for issues in the Asian context.

It is required that in writing style the students should follow the style guide: Kate L. Turabian’s book, Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers.