To graduate, all course requirements must be completed or met satisfactorily, including research papers/thesis and any other stipulations laid down at matriculation. Candidates must show evidence of sound doctrinal beliefs and a life example of genuine Christian character befitting a person called by God to spiritual leadership and witness. All financial obligations to the seminary which are due must be paid before the graduation.

Thesis Writing

A student enrolled in the thesis course is required to write and defend his/her thesis. The candidate must demonstrate ability to carry on original investigation by submitting to the Faculty a thesis in some specific field. Deadline for submission is at least two weeks before the Oral Defense. Thesis defense will be graded pass or fail.

Procedures for Thesis Writing

A thesis must have a minimum of 60 pages in the recent accepted format with at least 30 main books and journal references. When the candidate’s thesis has been accepted by the Thesis Committee, the candidate must comply with the instructions received from the Academic Dean with regards to the binding and distribution of the thesis copies.

Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination is required for all graduating students. Written examinations are given two (2) days covering all required areas of core study – Biblical Exegesis, Theological, Historical, and Practical Study. Oral interview is given one (1) day.

A notice of intent to take the Comprehensive Examination must be filed no later than the beginning of the second semester of the school year. The written examinations must be passed as a whole and by unanimous approval of the Comprehensive Examination Committee. Failure on any subject will require the student to a reexamination for the particular subject. Permission for a second examination must be secured through the Comprehensive Examination Committee.

Oral Interview

All graduating students are required to attend an exit interview before the seminary Board of Trustee members and faculty for prayer and fellowship.

Pastoral Tour/Retreat

To provide a unique opportunity and a wider understanding of ministry, all graduating students are required to join the two (2) days pastoral tour as part of their exposure to different kinds of ministries in the community