Twisted Life and the Glorious Hope (Acrylic on Canvass)
Artist – Agnes Batallones (5th from the left)

The “In the Name of Love” art exhibit held on Feb. 1 & 2 at the PTS-College & Advanced Studies (PTS-CAS) was a momentous event.  The atmosphere was festive, arts were fresh and new.  It created a buzz among the students, faculty, alumni, and friends.   Internationally-known artists – Ptr. Joval Kisinamal, Ptr. Mark Anthony Viñas, & Agnes Batallones, made eloquent statements on their extraordinarily absorbing, colorful and subtly paintings in acrylic and oil.  Ptr. Joval was always accessible to speak with anyone who shows any level of interest.  All the paintings were aptly installed with title and description.  He engaged the viewers by showing them that there is a human behind the art they are viewing. The deeper the guests understood the masterpieces, the deeper the connection was, and the more inclined they were to buy. The music played at a low level also enhanced the experience.  This successful art exhibit made the push to have another in the near future.

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