Entries – Art Painting Contest (National Bible Week)

In celebration of January as the National Bible Month, the PTS-College & Advanced Studies (PTS-CAS) held an Art Painting Competition which started on January 20 and culminated on February 2. Using poster and acrylic paints as mediums and the Bible as the theme, elementary to college level students showcased their talents.

The competition owed its success to the Lord and to the efforts of Ptr. Joval Kisinamal who conducted a seminar about the basic techniques of paintings and who was so generous in providing the paints for the students. The contest was judged by selecting three best art painting selections and a grand prize for elementary and college level. The grand prize winners were Jemma Grace Barol (Elementary Division) and Zandro Baczafra (College Division). Everybody was overwhelmed as they see their artworks displayed at the Inshil PTS Chapel.

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