PTS College & Advanced Studies (PTSCAS) is an institution known for her Reformed and evangelical heritage. I welcome interested and potential students in the college and graduate departments. I hope PTSCAS will be a vehicle to carry you forward in your knowledge in the Word of God and your earnest desire to serve Him in whatever vocation God is leading you.

It’s no secret that ministry places increasing demands on all persons answering God’s call today.  This calls for greater knowledge, deeper spiritual formation, and sharpening of ministerial skills in building healthy churches and communities. With our campus of more than ten hectares and an increasing number of local and international students, faculty and staff, we are learning and growing together in community. Our challenges are many but they do not surpass our will to succeed and our quest for spirituality and academic excellence.

While we take pride to remain dedicated to training pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers, PTSCAS has transitioned to a new and exciting phase of its life not only as a theological seminary but we have designed it to be as challenging and involving by offering other programs and courses.  In combination with a select faculty body ready to instruct, encourage and lead you forward, we are utilizing the best technologies and teaching strategies available for an even more meaningful learning experience.

May the Lord give you wisdom as you consider your future study plans. I look forward to seeing you in the program of your choice. Come, labor with us for the expansion of His Kingdom.