I. Types of Scholarship Offered

1. Academic Honor Scholarships

  1. Entrance Scholarship

The following qualifications are given scholarship on tuition fee, lodging fee and other fees.

  • Valedictorian and Salutatorian from High School
  • Cum Laude & Above from College
  • PCP students who earned 90 % GPA & above in 4th year High School or at the last semester of college (certification is needed from the Church moderator and the Presbytery)
  1. Dean’s List Academic Scholarship
  • Full Scholarship is given to one (1) top student from both graduate and undergraduate courses with GPA of over 94%. Benefits include free tuition, dorm, meals, and other fees.
  • Students with 94 % GPA are free on tuition and dorm fees.

2. Family Scholarship

Scholarship on tuition and other fees (80% discount) is given to the spouse of a faculty or a staff of the Seminary who has been serving at PTSCAS for at least one (1) year.

3. PCP Ministers Scholarship

  • PCP ministers who have been serving in the field for at least two (2) years as ordained minister are given 70% scholarship discount on tuition and other fees. A GPA of 85 every semester must be maintained by the scholar to maintain his scholarship privileges. In case they qualify for academic scholarship, privileges under that qualification can be availed in the following semester.
  • Scholarship on tuition and other fees (80%) is given to spouse of an ordained PCP minister. In case the minister is studying together with his spouse, up to 90% may be given to the spouse.

4. Designated Scholarship

These are scholarships that carry a special name and are awarded in accordance with the wishes of the donors. The donor can decide the amount of scholarship. But the selection and approval of scholarship recipient is the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee.

5. Undesignated Scholarship

These scholarships are open to all courses or programs. Funds for these scholarships come from individual or group donors for a specified or non-specified student/s. Most of the scholarship benefits and privileges are the same as that the designated scholarships. These scholarships would be awarded only upon the approval of the Scholarship Committee

6. Working Scholarship

This is for full-time students who want to earn while studying. A maximum of fifteen (15) hours work per week is allowed. Interested students may apply at the Business Office.

II. General Guidelines, Policies and Requirements

  1. Any bonafide and qualified student presently enrolled and those incoming new students may be able to avail of these different scholarships that PTSCAS offers.
  2. The applicant/ guarantee must carry a full academic load; 21 units for undergraduate programs, 15 units for graduate programs per semester. For those who are graduating, at least 15 units for undergraduate and 9 units for graduate program are required. They must be without INC and F marks in any subject to be eligible for scholarship in succeeding semester.
  3. Only one scholarship can be awarded to a qualified student.
  4. Scholarship applications, including renewals must be submitted not later than two weeks before the semester starts. Academic scholarship is granted every semester and awarded only for those who applied.
  5. Holders of scholarships/grants are always expected to uphold the moral and spiritual standards of the school that should be exemplified by the recipients. As such, any grantee showing improper attitude or misconduct may lose or forfeit his/her eligibility for the scholarship grant.

Note: For more information please write to the Scholarship Committee or refer to the school’s Scholarship Manual.