The PTSCAS Library endeavors to help achieve the objective of the institution through its goals and services. Theodore Hard Library was built on a 516 sq.m. lot in 1991. The library is composed of General Circulation Book Stack, Reference Section, Periodical Section, and Reading Room. At present, there are 22, 496 volumes of books (including Filipiniana), 602 volumes of Korean books, 845 Pamphlets, 966 bound Periodicals, 39 PTSCAS Theses, 106 Mixed Materials, 36 titles CDs, 427 cassette tapes, 17 VHS, 49 Maps, and 7,244 Newspaper Clippings. In the collection, breadth of coverage, representatives of leading theologies, and backup literatures of supporting disciplines have been the Seminary’s chief concern.

The Library uses Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LCCS) and has adapted the practice of Open-Stack system and liberal borrowing policy. The Library provides the Automated Library Services to access library materials through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

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